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Workflow automation

Improving efficiency by providing required information and limiting the amount of work to be done by agents.

Robotic Process Automation

Boosting organizational efficiency by deployment of software robots to relieve specialists in repetitive tasks.

Decision points automation

Exploitation of machine learning technologies to support and automate business decisions basing on historical data.


Generating quality insights into probably future by detecting patterns in data by machine learning technologies.

Data Scraping

Enrichment of data by scraping and integrating data from internal and external sources into current data sets.

Business Process Auditing

Boosting efficiency of operations by process analysis, optimization and redesigning recommendations.

Business cases

We have made happen

External systems

Learn how RPA overcomes problems of being unable to integrate with external systems.


Market analytics

Learn how RPA can save 65% of money and 93% of time spent on collection of data for analytics.


Automation of accounting

Learn how RPA can save 75% of the cost of accounting processes improving quality at the same time.


AI based forecasting

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables support or automation of any forecasting efforts.



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RPA myths

There is a lot of RPA talk but actions actually taken by most of organizations are small and save steps. On top of it, the term robot is quite unlucky one in our opinion as it scares many specialists and decision makers. As a result, there are plenty of myths, which I am about to … Continue reading RPA myths

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RPA fitness

The goal of workshops organized with a customer is to classify processes suitable for RPA. The challenge is the dispersion of knowledge. As long as our experts have vast knowledge on RPA, they are not able to understand a large organization within a few hours spent with its employees. During workshops we guide customer’s specialists … Continue reading RPA fitness