Who are we?

Brainhint is an independent technology integrator who implements advanced solutions to operational challenges faced by blue-chip customers across multiple industries.

Our success stories

36% increase
in operational effectiveness

We have created & implemented decision making system to predict a probability of customer willingness to cooperate.

Posting of cost invoices

Open-source RPA

Reporting OSH inspections

Open-source RPA

Data-oriented ecommerce

Open-source RPA / Business intelligence / Cloud solutions / Market intelligence

Improving pace of insurance claims filing

Open-source RPA
Supply chain

They trusted us

  • We recommend Brainhint as a provider of automation solutions and a credible, professional technology partner.

    Michał Kot
    Siemens / Sales Director
  • We recommend Brainhint as a provider of complex solutions involving RPA and machine learning, and a credible and professional technology partner.

    Marcin Olech
    Carrefour / Director of Marketing, New Technologies and IT
  • Cooperation with Brainhint resulted in implementation of numerous technological solutions, which increased organisational and business potential of our company.

    Kamil Makula
    superauto.pl / CEO
  • Brainhint demonstrates flexibility, professionalism and expertise during work on assigned tasks.

    Mikołaj Matuszewski
    Volkswagen Group Polska / Manager of Group Digitization

Knowledge transfer

AI / Technicalities

Text preprocessing

Working with our clients, we often face tasks that rely on use of text as input. In this issue of the Brainhint blog, I would like to cover the topic a little bit more extensively.

AI / Analysis

AI Implementation Readiness: Is your company falling behind?

Is every industry ready to implement and truly benefit from AI? Are all industries equally poised to succeed? What are the core use cases? Such considerations are common even among those who have already started their journey towards AI-enabled enterprise. Today’s blog post delves into the futuristic world of Artificial Intelligence.

RPA / Analysis

Point of start for RPA

This blog post is about the challenges of identification of the processes for Robotic Process Automation in the early phase of RPA implementation project.

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