• Data science and AI

    We support organisations at automation of decisions. Use of data science skills and AI technologies enables us to automate virtually any decision-making process as long as related historical data is available. The systems that we build learn on historical patterns and adapt over time to make decisions more effectively and reliably than humans.

  • Market intelligence

    Digital market intelligence solutions are complex systems to collect information from within your organisation and from external sources. This may include databases, websites, reports, and more. This data is then processed to provide business specialists with insights necessary for informed decision-making.

  • Open-source RPA

    Using open-source RPAs offers many of the same benefits as leading platforms while eliminating licensing costs. A convenient solution for smaller or technologically competent organisations who struggle to substantiate business cases for licensed RPA platforms.

  • Platform-based RPA

    Automating processes within your organisation can save countless FTEs and man-hours. At Brainhint, we have experience working with all leading platforms and we recommend the optimal option based on the given requirements.

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain is more than just a trend and we have a strong team of developers experienced in working with smart contracts. Smart contracts include terms of cooperation between parties saved as code in blockchain to ensure that events are indisputable and that contractual terms are automatically executed.

  • Data management

    Your data needs to be of high quality and readily available for when you need it most. We work with our customer’s data from cleaning and enriching current data resources to monitoring and integration, all to improve data quality and integrity.

  • Software development

    We develop custom applications using multiple technologies such as Python, GoLang, JavaScript (React/Angular), and more. Our focus is on providing the best possible solution for your businesses’ challenges.

  • Business intelligence

    We are experts in powerful monitoring tools for upper management, including PowerBI, Tableau, and others. BI systems allow organisations to share and use data more effectively, leading to more objective and data-driven decisions.

  • Cloud solutions

    At Brainhint, we are a cloud-native organisation and we encourage all of our customers to use cloud solutions for non-critical purposes. As an independent supplier and partner of multiple cloud providers, we are able to recommend the most effective solution for every one of our clients and their individual projects.

  • Training as a Service

    Training as a Service

  • Documentation as a Service

    Documentation as a Service

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