• Data science and AI

    We support organisations at automation of decisions. Use of data science skills and AI technologies enables us to automate virtually any decision-making process as long as related historical data is available. The systems that we build learn on historical patterns and adapt over time to make decisions more effectively and reliably than humans.

  • Market intelligence

    Digital market intelligence solutions are complex systems used by organisations to collect information from external and internal sources, including databases, websites, reports and more. Collected data is processed and analysed to provide insights for business specialists responsible for decision-making.

  • Open-source RPA

    Using open-source for process automation offers the same benefits as leading platforms such as UiPath but lets organisations eliminate licencing costs. It is a convenient solution for smaller or technologically competent organisations who are sometimes challenged to substantiate business case for licensed RPA platforms.

  • Platform based RPA

    Automation of processes lets organisations save countless FTEs. Brainhint is a provider who recommends a platform based on given requirements, automates the processes and helps in building automation team depending on organisation's needs. We have extensive experience in working with all leading platforms.

  • Blockchain

    We have a strong team of experienced developers of smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital versions of contracts, which include terms of cooperation between parties saved as a code in blockchain. As a result they ensure indisputability of events and automatic execution of contractual terms.

  • Data management

    We take care of your customers' data from cleaning and enriching current data resources, to monitoring the integrators and general to quality and integrity. We often also recommend, design and implement data storage systems such as data lakes and data warehouses. You can be sure, that your data is of high quality and available when you need it the most.

  • Software development

    We develop custom applications in multiple technologies including Python, GoLang and JavaScript (React/Angular). We focus on providing optimal solutions for business challenges. We specialise in enrichment of applications using early stage technologies, such as machine learning for enhanced analytics and blockchain for top level security and integrity.

  • Business intelligence

    Business Intelligence systems let organisations share and use data more effectively and make more objective and data-driven decisions as a result. Systems of this kind also represent powerful monitoring tools for higher management. Brainhint expertise includes PowerBI and Tableau, among others.

  • Cloud solutions

    Brainhint is a cloud-native organisation and encourages customers to use cloud for non-critical purposes. We are an independent supplier and partner with multiple cloud providers including Microsoft and Oracle. It enables us to recommend the most effective solution for each particular project and each particular organisation.

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