One leading car-sharing company in Poland faced a difficult challenge in managing its fleet of several hundred vehicles. Tasks such as car relocation, car services, and customer service had proven to be complex issues facing the company. Furthermore, due to information overload and the significant scale of operations, the company needed to look for alternatives to help manage the challenge.


BRAINHINT started the project with an open approach. The customer’s confidence in our business analysis and AI development skills let us budget efficiently. The business analysis conveyed a few different areas offering potential improvements. Together with the customer, the focus turned to fleet management and customer service. By implementing an AI-based decision-making engine, fleet management has significantly improved. This AI engine constantly monitors the fleet and processes data. Additionally, the system predicts the time needed for a given car to be rented and decides if it is profitable to relocate it to a more preferable spot. The recommendations are forwarded directly to field operators who can make decisions to implement them straight away.


The car-sharing company was able to make its fleet more accessible for their customers. By relocating the cars to optimal spots, it improved the cost-effectiveness of the fleet.
The customer segmentation made the clients more loyal and profitable. It also blacklisted a group of individuals who had caused the company losses through reckless driving or damage.

  • AI

    decision making

  • 24/7

    fleet management

  • Customer segmentation

    increases profitability

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