An international retailer faced a challenge in fulfilling administrative requirements in regards to occupational safety and health (OSH) for their stores. The retailer had to provide maintenance reports up to four times per year for each AC unit in every store. Due to the retailer’s significant growth of the chain, there was also significant growth in the number of AC units per store. More and more maintenance reports were delayed, which led to an increased administrative and compliance risk.


At BRAINHINT, we stepped in and built a software robot based on Python.

The robot collected input data from an Excel file stored in a network location on the maintenance of each AC unit such as; time, actions undertaken during the servicing, and service employees unit IDs. The data is analysed to detect any inconsistencies and then copied from the local network into a system provided by the national administration.

The system is web-based and prone to automation but requires captcha at login. Thus, the robot is launched by a human who enters the captcha and then the robot takes over to continue with the input.


Providing this robot, which supported specialists and administrators in performing this repetitive task, saved the customer around 1/5 FTE per year.

Additionally, it significantly lowered the risk of submitting delayed reports or failing to submit reports at all. As long as the specialist launches the robot once per week, the administrative and compliance risks are now virtually zero.

  • 1/5 FTE

    saved per annum

  • minimised administrative and compliance risks

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