Dos Toros Motorcycles is a rapidly expanding motorcycle dealership that sells primarily directly to customers. The ordering process, however, relied on a single person with significant experience in the industry and there was a lack of data-driven decision making. Information about historical sales was not stored in a database and all relevant information needed to be scraped from PDF documents.


A robot was developed that transforms PDFs with the previous month’s sales information into usable data. By feeding this robot historical data, a robust database was built up.

This allowed training models to be fully automatically launched and trained based on the constantly updated data. Monthly sales predictions were then generated for different motorcycle models based on historical data. This machine learning (ML) model was generated in our AI Creator, a tool that requires no programming skills to use.

To provide our customer with the most enhanced analysis possible, historical data and the generated predictions were fed into a Business Intelligence (BI) tool with an interactive dashboard.


Our client received support in their decision-making when it came to ordering with the ability to take into consideration calculated predictions from an ML model that is constantly retrained every month. They now have access to a fully automated system that provides everything from data collection to visualisation of results.

Our AI Creator tool was fully implemented, with our client’s internal users trained on the system. With our AI Creator’s ability to work on data science problems, implementing AI and ML solutions has never been easier.

  • AI

    decision making

  • Monthly

    sales predictions

  • Streamlined

    data collection and model training process

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