An international pharmaceutical group faced an operational challenge in keeping track of snapshots and booklets of its portfolio of over 700 products. Those assets changed slightly over time and should be updated in ecommerce systems. Due to difficulties in identification if an asset has become outdated and a large number of products and services, the process was executed irregularly, although data showed that outdated assets affected sales.


A software robot based on Python programming language has been developed.

The robot was designed as an unattended robot. It is launched every night and checks if there are new assets available for any of over 700 products using API. Robot compares currently available assets with corresponding files used previously. If the byte numbers differ between two corresponding files, it means that the file is new.

When newer version of a file is identified, robot opens a browser, logs into several ecommerce systems and proceeds with steps necessary to upload new booklet and snapshot for the product. Robot’s work is concluded when the list of products ends.


The task performed by the robot used to be performed by employees only on demand. The goal of the implementation was to improve the quality of marketing materials provided by the customer for ecommerce platforms. It was achieved as the process was executed for all products every day. For major updates, which were performed by hand, the process allowed to decrease the time necessary for an update from 7 days to 1 day.

  • 85% faster

    execution of the process

  • always up-to-date marketing assets

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