Our client, a provider of machinery components, faced the challenge of effectively processing requests for quotes (RFQs) from their customers. As our client’s company grew, the number of RFQs increased beyond 10,000 per year. They then searched for a solution that would relieve their sales department of repetitive tasks while ensuring higher quality.


Our solution for the client involved developing and implementing a software robot for the sales department using open-source technology. The robot verifies each customer’s terms of business based on the RFQ provided by the customer and data stored in the financial systems of our client. Terms of business include parameters such as levels of discounts and trade credits. Verified information is then provided to the sales department by email together with the original message and RFQ from the customer.


The implemented solution allowed our client to eliminate over half of the work required to process RFQs. Additionally, situations where the customer received different quotes for the same group of products were avoided, which was an added benefit.

  • 55%

    of work being automated

  • more accurate quotes

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