Our client specialises in designing, producing, and distributing cash registers, devices, and other Point of Sales (POS) systems. Their normal operations lead to massive fluctuations in the number of tasks that need to be processed by the back-office divisions. As a result, every time at end of the month employees are burdened with significant increases in workload and this leads to potential delays in their processes. The client set out to build seamless operations that would limit those risks. This is where BRAINHINT stepped in to build a solution.

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A specific type of cost invoice posed the biggest challenge to our client. The process around processing these invoices was automated by building a software robot that derives data from the internal electronic documentation flow system and inserts it into the financial SAP module. Additionally, the robot verifies order numbers, bank account details, and tax rates. Specialists are left to focus on exception handling and ensuring that tax rates and posting dates are appropriate from legal point of view.


Before implementing our robot, several dozen invoices were processed per day by employees. The developed solution has increased the number of processed invoices threefold on select days. Additionally, the system has eliminated human error from the process and has allowed specialists to concentrate on critical steps such as determining the appropriate tax rates.

  • x 3

    higher efficiency of posting process

  • 80%

    drop in delayed postings

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