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Vast experience in implementations of AI in various organizations resulted in an original methodology for preparation of organizations for AI projects and their support in updating and advancement of AI systems.  We  provide all the services that enable your organization to materialize promises of using artificial intelligence in daily decision making. Starting from data management, to data cleaning and engineering, to setting up critical business data vault. We  help its customers to build AI-friendly data environments. 

How do we work?

business analysis
data structure analysis
data engineering
critical data vault
data management

Advantages of  building an AI-friendly environment

up to


lower costs of  decision-making engines development

up to


faster iterations in advancement of decision-making engines


solid grid

on data that is critical for business  performance

For organizations that are ready for AI-based systems, Brainhint  goes with the customers through the whole process of development and implementation. These are some typical tasks along the way:

  • matching problems with optimal methodologies 
  • building and testing models 
  • development of decision-making engines 
  • integration with internal systems of the organization  

Potential offered by AI-based decision-making systems:

total cost of decision-making lowered by up to 70%

marginal cost of making a decision approaching zero

no subjectivity in decision-making

24/7 availability

decisions made within milliseconds

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