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We helped Elzab in building efficient and agile back-office operations.


ELZAB S.A. is a company specialising in projecting, production, local and international distribution of a fiscal cash registers, devices and systems for Points of Sales.

Characteristic of operations implies fluctuations in number of tasks to be processed by back office divisions. As a result, end of the month imposes significant workload for employees and potential delays in processes. ELZAB was motivated to build operations in a flowless manner, which would limit those risks.

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One of the most challenging process from client’s point of view was accounting of one type in cost invoices. The process was subsequently automated. The software robot derives the data from the internal electronic documentation flow system and inserts it into the financial SAP module. Additionally, the robot verifies order numbers, bank account numbers, and tax rates. As a result, specialists are relieved from any work beyond exception handling and insuring tax rate and accounting dare are legally correct.

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Several dozens of invoices per day were processed by employees in the area before the implementation. Developed solution has increased this number threefold on selected days. Additionally, the system eliminated human errors from the process and enabled specialists to concentrate on critical steps such as tax rate definition.


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