Getting more clicks from marketing budget

We established a long-term partnership to develop fully autonomous online marketing budget allocation system.

Challenge is number one intermediary in financial products for cars and utility vehicles and a part of one of the biggest media groups in Poland Grupa Wirtualna Polska. As the operations of grew, the amount of paid marketing content in the internet increased as well. At the moment, one of the key success factors, from both cost and revenue perspectives, is conversion from an online marketing budget into views, leads, and subsequently closed sales.  

work process


business environment analysis


data gathering


decision flows definition


ML models design




evaluation & deployment


In the course of the project,  we have designed, developed and implemented scalable data storage and management solution to enable further growth of the organisation and increase in effectiveness expected by investors.  

On top of that, decision-making engines were implemented to predict the size of the traffic that the planned content would attract for maximizing revenue and to predict online life cycle of the content to limit cost of the content that gets outdated and underperforms. 

Works are continued toward creation of an automatic management system for online content.  

used technologies


Thanks to the creation of data lake, professional data management, and its enrichment, has gained the ability to access and analyse its vital business data any time it is needed.  

Furthermore, use of machine learning has allowed for structuring decision making on paid online content as decisions can be based on predictions about the attractiveness and length of the life cycle of the content, which is correct within assumed frames for over 70% of the time.  

The project and its extensions increase the cost benefits continuously as more and more work and decision making in the area of content management gets automated.  

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