Sample challenges to be solved by AI Creator boosted analyst

  • Pricing optimisation

    Decision making models can automatically adjust prices depending on circumstances and individual customer characteristic and help realise 100% of potential profit.

  • Recommendation systems

    Basing recommendation systems on AI enables to present the product that offers a perfect match for a customer and closing the sale within miliseconds.

  • Customer segmentation

    Based on unsupervised machine learning, lets an organisation quickly identify changes in customer segments and even individual transfer between segments.

  • Risk assessment

    Supervised machine learning for risk assessment related to debt lets an organisation withhold sales, require prepayments or perform soft collection faster.

  • Stock management

    Integration of predictions into replenishment system ensures that an organization has the right amounts of stock at the right time maximising ROA.

  • Sales forecasting

    Planning and forecasting performed with ARIMA or Holt Winters algorithms makes more accurate forecasting for thousands of items possible in seconds.

Empowering analysts

AI Creator is a tool for business analysts, which works like a jetpack enabling a soldier to fly. It enables analysts with no more skills than Excel, to develop and implement AI-based decision-making engines.

It can be used to optimise any business problems, these of high complexity or volume in particular.

Value of AI Creator team

  • Costs

    Organisations using AI Creator face up to 55% lower costs of employment of AI related workforce. Additionally, it is on average 30% faster to employ and prepare a specialist for use of AI Creator. Thanks to no code nature of the product users with little or no technical competence can be hired and trained instead of data scientists, who are expensive and scarce in the market.

  • End product quality

    There is no difference in end product quality betweeen solutions developed manually and using AI Creator. Actions performed by a specialist in GUI are translated to code, that would be otherwise written manually by a developer or a data scientist. The end product is transformed into a REST API, which can be integrated with processes in minutes.

  • Time to market

    Our customers point to 20 40% shorter time for solution implementation. Thanks to one click deployment, the work of IT department is considerably easier and there is no need for complex transfer of knowledge between data scientists and business owners as it is the latter who actually develop the solution.

  • Security of data

    Using no code solution for data science purposes lets an organisation keep its data at bay. In most scenarios, specialist analysing the data are the same people who use it operationally. There is no need even for an internal transfer, let alone external . Moreover, tracking of data access is strict and controllable.

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