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Low-Code-No-Code: Stripping Away the Burden of IT

At Brainhint, we love to code. Given that we are a team of passionate developers, it should not come as much of a surprise. Us enjoying programming, however, does not mean that we expect our clients to get into details. When businesses can focus on increasing productivity instead of worrying about working with complex and constantly changing IT environments, everyone benefits. This is the foundation and reason why we take a low-code-no-code approach. 

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Fintech: A Buzzword, But What Actually Is It?

A lot of us miss the good old days but there are some things we didn't have back then, like wifi, vast and free resources of the Internet, and convenient banking. The future is closer than we realise as modern banking moves towards client-centered fintech solutions. But what would this look like? Read on!

AI / Technicalities

Text preprocessing

Working with our clients, we often face tasks that rely on use of text as input. In this issue of the Brainhint blog, I would like to cover the topic a little bit more extensively.

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AI Implementation Readiness: Is your company falling behind?

Is every industry ready to implement and truly benefit from AI? Are all industries equally poised to succeed? What are the core use cases? Today’s blog post delves into the futuristic world of Artificial Intelligence.

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Automation: Self Identification Guide

Don't know where to even begin with automation? We'll walk you through how to identify areas for improvement step by step, just like we've done hundreds of times. Our latest blog is your guide on your automation adventure!

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Robotic Process Automation: 4 Automation Myths

Automation is everywhere. From planes to factories to even space ships, a lot has been said about automation but the number of activities undertaken in this field is limited. One...

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When is a Process Suited for RPA: Get Up to Speed on Automation

This blog post is about evaluation of the business processes to estimate how good fit with RPA technologies they offer.

RPA / Analysis

RPA’s Potential: How Could Your Company Benefit?

This blog post is about estimation of benefits offered by RPA. It will help you answer the question, whether there is a business case for RPA in your organisation.

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Thoughts on the age of AI: Bright future or menace to humanity?

This is the first blog post of Brainhint. You can learn about my opinions on AI, its developments and why it is important for everyone.